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3 Things You Need To Do Before Taking a Boat Out For the First Time

There are over 17 million recreational boats in the United States. Investing in a boat is essential if you love spending time on the water. Before you choose a boat to buy, take some time to research all of your options.

When trying to make this important decision, consider things like what type of water you will be in and how much you can afford to spend. Once you have found and purchased a new boat, planning your first trip should be high on your list of priorities. Properly planning your maiden voyage can help you avoid problems along the way.

The following are some of the things you need to do before taking your boat out for the first time.

1. Get to Know the Body Of Water You Will Be Boating In

Whether you are taking your new boat out on the lake or traversing the ocean on your maiden voyage, familiarizing yourself with the area is essential. Taking the time to map out what course you will take on your voyage is a good idea. Before you put the boat in the water, make sure it has a few basic instruments.

Things like magnetic and electric compasses are a great addition to any boat. With these devices, you can avoid getting turned around or lost during a boating trip. Invested in a speed gauge and a wind meter is also a good idea. The more information you have about your boat and the environment while on a trip, the easier you will find it to stay safe.

2. Investing in the Right Safety Equipment

One of the main concerns any boat owner should have is staying safe while at the helm. Most modern boats come with a variety of safety features. However, there are some things you will want to buy on your own to ensure the safety of your craft and your crew.

Quality life rafts are one of the first things you need to buy. Some new boat owners think that accidents are only something that happens to other people. In reality, boating accidents are quite common. Having life rafts and personal flotation devices can help you get out of a scary situation and back on dry land.

3. Familiarize Yourself With the How the Boat Operates

If you are taking a boat out for the first time, study the owner’s manual thoroughly beforehand. The biggest mistake a new boat owner can make is getting on the water without familiarizing themselves with their new watercraft.

Knowing how to drop anchor, use the throttle or utilize the power of the onboard navigation system is vital. With a bit of time and energy, you should have no problem getting familiar with how your new boat operates. While getting comfortable with driving the new boat will take time, you need to remain calm and obtain as much information as you can before leaving shore.

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