Fusion Signature Series Flush Mount Kits – 7.7″ Speakers

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Signature Series Flush Mount Kits – 7.7″ Speakers 

Designed with sleek and minimalistic design aesthetics, the Fusion Signature Series flush mount kits allow you to install Signature Series 3i classic-style speakers with a premium near-flat finish – mounting profile no thicker than 2 mm [0.08”].

The flush mount kit features a non-intrusive mounting system for easy installation. Simply place the kit into the cutout, then place the speaker (sold separately) into the kit, tighten the screws, and the tabs will tighten against the panel, keeping it in place without the need to create any screw holes in your boat.

Compatible With:

  • Signature Series 3i 7.7″ Classic Speakers 

Technical Specifications:

  • Mounting Diameter Clearance – 8.46″ (21.5 cm)
  • Mounting Depth Clearance – 4.41″ (1.2 cm)

In the Box:

  • Two (2) flush mount baskets 
  • Two (2) grilles 
  • Mounting template
  • Documentation

*Sold as a Pair

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