Digital Yacht BM100 Battery Monitoring Solution

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BM100 Battery Monitoring Solution

The BM100 is a complete system comprising SmartShunt and the veKonvert NMEA 2000 interface. It is part of Digital Yacht’s iSeaSense range of NMEA 2000 boat instruments. With this solution, your multi-function display becomes a sophisticated battery and energy management system.


Digital Yacht’s BM100 battery monitoring system allows highly accurate DC voltage, current, and capacity measurements, enabling reliable monitoring of your boat’s battery and electrical system.

Core to the system is the SmartShunt. It measures battery voltage and current. Based on these measurements, it intelligently calculates the battery’s state of charge and the time to depletion for the remaining charge. It also keeps track of historical data, such as the deepest discharge and average discharge current, as well as the number of charge and discharge cycles. The smart shunt can also monitor the voltage of a 2nd battery, typically dedicated to engine starting.

The product is a collaboration between Victron Energy and Digital Yacht. The system utilizes Victron’s proprietary VE.Direct data connectivity as a source for the NMEA 2000 data.

The BM100 is part of a wider group of products now introduced by Digital Yacht that bring NMEA 2000 connectivity to Victron systems using the VE.Direct interface.

Victron solar panel controllers (MPPTs) and battery monitors can now also interconnect to NMEA 2000 via the veKonvert interface.

Monitoring the battery with the BM100 will give important feedback to the user so that remedial measures can be taken when necessary. Doing this will extend battery life. There’s also an optional battery temperature sensor available.

The BM100 can also integrate with Digital Yacht’s other NMEA 2000 and wireless instruments, which offer hybrid NMEA 2000 and wireless display options.

NMEA 2000 Interface

The system features an NMEA 2000 interface, so your navigation multi-function display or plotter can display all key parameters. Modern MFDs from leading manufacturers such as Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, and Navico allow electrical battery data to be displayed via their NMEA 2000 interface. Alarms and alerts for low capacity and voltage can also be enabled.

Bluetooth Interface

The BM100 also has a standalone wireless Bluetooth interface, so your mobile phone or iPad can connect and display current, voltage, capacity, additional historical data, state of charge information, and time to go based on remaining battery capacity.


  • BM100 solution comes as a complete package with SmartShunt and the veKonvert NMEA 2000 interface
  • Bluetooth interface for setup and detailed analysis, including charge/discharge cycles, state of charge, remaining capacity, and historical data
  • Use your phone/tablet and your NMEA 2000 devices for battery monitoring and management
  • 500A SmartShunt included for the main battery system
  • Monitor the voltage of a separate (eg starter) battery
  • Universal NMEA 2000 gateway for Victron’s popular range of smart battery monitors/SmartShunt using the VE.Direct interface (see compatibility list in the FAQ tab)
  • Enables electrical and battery monitoring and management on compatible multi-function displays (Raymarine, Garmin, Navico, Furuno, etc)
  • Provides battery voltage, charge/discharge current, state of charge, and time to depletion based on a sophisticated algorithm
  • Easy installation, plug ‘n play connectivity, and self-powering from the NMEA 2000 bus
  • Supports alerts generated by the SmartShunt
  • Supports multiple SmartShunts for multi-battery systems
  • Also compatible with other VE.Direct products such as solar MPPT controllers

Vekonvert Is Compatible with the Following Victron Products:

  • BMV -700, BMV -702, BMV -700H, BMV-712 Smart, BMV-710H Smart, BMV-712 Smart Rev2, SmartShunt 500A/50mV, SmartShunt 1000A/50mV, SmartShunt 2000A/50mV, and All MPPT Charge Controllers

NOTE: veKonvert is not compatible with Victron Chargers and Inverters. It should also not be plugged into the VE.Direct interfaces of any Victron “Consumers” such as Multiplus, Quattro, Cerbo, etc.

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