Pacific Aerials LongReach Pro 6dB 8.2′ VHF Antenna

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VHF 2.5m (8.2′) UltraGlass Colinear Antenna

A high gain antenna which gives exceptional performance – essential equipment for boats which need to contact more distant stations.

Pro Series Antennas are a breakthrough: the only marine antennas in the world which can be removed and remounted on the boat at the user’s convenience. The cable is hardwired to the Pro Series mount, so the antenna can be removed without pulling or cutting the cable.

LongReach Pro Series antennas are superbly finished, with glossy UltraGlass and stainless steel ferrules to enhance the appearance and strength of the antenna. LongReach Pro Series antennas are designed for customers who demand the best.

LongReach Pro Series antennas must be used with LongReach Pro Series Mounts, which give the options of side, deck or pipe mounting your antenna.

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