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ANC 551710

BREAKER 10AMP WHITE STD CE Provides reliable automatic circuit protection, power switching, and circuit overload control. Designed to ignore nuisance trips, provides a trip-free safety mechanism which cannot be held closed during overcurrent or fault conditions. Mechanical Endurance: 10,000 On-Off operations @ 6 per minute; with rated current & voltage Breakers will trip on overload even when actuator is forcibly held in the ON position Enhanced, upgraded design of ANCOR standard single and double pole breakers Constructed with the highest marine gradeâ„¢ stainless steel springs and specially plated sub-components. The magnetic actuator provides greater reliability than thermal actuators. Provides over 10,000 switching cycles. Weather resistant construction passes 100 hour salt spray tests. Now certified in North America and Europe, meets the needs of all worldwide markets! Tested and certified by most widely recognized international regulatory agencies including UL (Underwriters Laboratory), CSA (Canadian Standards Association), CE (European Union), VDE (German government approval) and TVU Certified Designed for applications requiring higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a compact design Protects wiring, motors, generators, telecommunication systems, batteries, and many other applications in the harsh marine environment, fits common panel cutouts Design Amps: 10 Toggle Color: White Qty/Pkg: 1
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