Morse Rubber LLC 1 1/2 X 2 X 6 BRASS BEARING - FLATFISH

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TRL EO2400

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Pollution-Free Naval Brass Marine Bearings
Brass sleeve with rubber oil resistant shaft. The clean bearing that cushions the shaft, installs in minutes and lasts for years
Morse Bearings are engineered to meet the toughest service requirements in corrosive and abrasive marine or industrial applications. The fluted rubber bearings surface will outlast hard surface bearings by more than 10 times. All materials meet U.S. Navy specs MIL-B-17901A CLII.

Bearing Selection: Normal design practice is to select a bearing with a length equal to 4 times the shaft diameter.
It may be acceptable to deviate from this rule when application load requirements permit the use of shorter bearing lengths. * Slimline Bearing.
Bearing area is: Bearing I.D. (shaft diameter) multiply x bearing length. Loading capability is determined by: Multiplying that bearing area x 35 psi.
Example: (RAY)-
3" shaft dia. x 12" length = 36 sq. Inch bearing area
36 sq. Inch bearing area x 35 psi = 1,260 lbs. Is bearing load capacity
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