SPOT/FLOOD 6" RCL 12V ITT 630220012

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ITT 630220012

SPOT/FLOOD 6" RCL 12V Searchlight 6" Std Spot/Flood 12/24 Volt dc sealed beam, fuse 15 amp Automatic 20 deg sweep search feature. Auto-sweep mode cycles light side-to-side automatically. Complete drive unit contained in light head. Complete with 15ft (4.5m) cable, with optional extension cables. Control is water resistant with plug-in connections. Designed for salt water with chrome brass housing and base. Exceptionally durable chrome on brass housing and base (except 63020 - chrome on zinc base). Full 360 deg horizontal rotation, 70 deg vertical sweep. In emergency, offers automatic transmission of "SOS" distress signal through 360 deg. Light will transmit an ôSOS distress signal automatically. Optional secondary electronic remote control panel for dual helm stations. Provides instant command from each panel without need to select station. Single lever or touch-pad control for vertical and horizontal light movement. Two station operation optional with use of dual station kit. Two types of light output:- Spot/flood sealed beam bulb, 200,000/50,000 candlepower. Two-speed movement - Fast for searching, Slow for pinpointing target. Water resistant electronic touch-pad remote control including joystick option.
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