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COB B7W82T21

TINNED DUPLEX WIRE 8/2 100' This specification covers the requirements for flexible multi conductor tinned copper, flame retardant boat cable. Cobra boat cable meets or exceeds ABYC, UL, Coast Guard requirements, and is ABS Type approved. Cable is rated at 105°C, 75°C wet (BC-5W2) 600 Volt UL 1426 for AC and DC circuits. STRANDING Class K 30 Gauge Tinned Copper STANDARD UL 1426 UL Listed BC-5W2 INSUlATION This product offers a unique flame retardant polyvinyl chloride compound (VW-1), and is moisture, abrasion, acid, diesel fuel and oil resistant. It is extremely flexible and easy to work with. VOlTAGE 600 Volts TEMPERATURE 105°C dry, 75°C wet Size AWG: 8 Conductors: 2 Stranding: 133 x 29 Insulation: 0.045 Nominal OD IN: .362 x .607 Cable Weight LBs/MFT: 230
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