Quick RRC R902 Radio Remote Control Receiver – 2 Relays

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Quick Radio Remote Control Receiver 913Mhz


  • Number of relays – 2
  • Full power range (from 10.5 to 31Vdc).
  • Relay current carring capacity – 15 A
  • Power absorption in stand-by mode – 25 mA
  • Microcontroller-operated functions.
  • FSK modulation and carrier frequency 913Mhz
  • Operating temperatures from -15°C to +70°C
  • Indication of the system operating status, errors and problems by means of LED and seven-segment display
  • Protection against polarity inversion
  • Protection against low battery
  • 50 transmitters can be stored
  • Translation mode to activate more receivers, installed in different spots, by means of one transmitter
  • Programmable digital filter

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