BATT CABLE #2 BLK 18" 5/16

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ANC 189140

BATT CABLE #2 BLK 18" 5/16 Ancor Marine Grade 2 AWG Battery Cable Assemblies are manufactured with Ancor's premium UL1426 tinned copper battery cable. The battery cable is fine stranded to produce maximum conductivity and flexibility. In addition, all Ancor battery cable is flame retarded, UV inhibited, rated to 600V and 105°C. The lugs are tinned copper to avoid corrosion and last longer. Each end has a piece of Ancor's adhesive lined 3:1 heatshrink tubing placed over the electrical connection. The heatshrink tubing seals out moisture and other corrosive elements found in the marine environment. This ensures a longer lasting battery connection.
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