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PRF C2500A

ALUMINUM SHAFT ANODE 2-1/2" Perhaps the most versatile anode material, the specially formulated aluminum/indium alloy used in these anodes is an ideal choice as it not only works better than zinc anodes in saltwater, it also protects your boat, outboards, and stern drive units in brackish water. If your boat is used in both salt and tidewater environments for extended periods, aluminum is the best all around choice. • Exclusive to Performance Metals, each anode includes a colored plastic "wear indicator" embedded within it that appears on the surface when the anode wears to half its original size; by simply inspecting the anode for the red dot, boaters can easily determine when to replace it • Performance Metals aluminum alloy anodes include indium as an "activator" to help keep the surface of the anode clean; indium is more environmentally friendly than the mercury or tin commonly used for this purpose Streamlined Collar - 2 1/2" shaft
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