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CMP 9312152SPA

BATTERY CHARGER 2000SP 15 AMP 2000 SP Series Marine Electronic Battery Chargers are an excellent choice for value-priced, high performance DC charging. This Series units include a battery type selector switch allowing you to charge Lead Acid, GEL or AGM batteries. 3-stage charging delivers the greatest charge when the battery is most able to accept it, preventing overcharging and extending battery life. Units restore up to 3 banks simultaneously. Other features include the ability to act as a power supply, ignition and reverse-polarity protected, easy-to-read DC ammeter, corrosion-resistant components and housing, and a heavy-duty heat sink design. Exterior slots allow for easy mounting. 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Made in the USA. Multi-step charging provides maximum efficiency Restores up to 3 individual battery banks simultaneously Prevents overcharging and damage, extending the life of the battery Durable, corrosion-resistant housing and components Constructed of tough, anodized aluminum housing that stands up to the elements-including extreme heat, humidity and salt air Circuit boards with UL-recommended coatings provide the ultimate in environmental protection and hydrolyte stability-meets requirements of MIL-1-46058C Runs cool and quiet at full capacity Effective heat sink eliminates the need for cooling fans on lower wattage units Reduced RFI or EMI interference-meets FCC/Class A requirements Easy to install and service Battery selector switch allows charger to be used with lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries Exterior slots for easy mounting Easy access to terminal connections and fuses 2 Year warranty, made in the USA Amperage: 15 AC Input Voltage Range: 95-140 VAC DC Output Voltage Range: 12V Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz Dimensions: 3.7" x 9.5" x 10.5"
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